Tuesday, 10 July 2012

HITS Hula and Salsa

Hi Goddesses  

So, as you may know, England isn't exactly BLESSED with great weather.  Typically, we had a week of awesome sunshine at the end of March, and then it's pissed it down ever since.  This is really annoying for many reasons, especially when you have curly hair which shrinks in the rain, but it's INCREDIBLY annoying when you're gagging to break out all the holos you've been buying like a squirrel tucking things away for the season.

Sooooo, sick of all the pukey pastels and unable to crack out the holos, I decided to settle for something else, and for this week at least, it's been Hello Summer on my nails.

This is the cracking Hula (orange) and Salsa (pink) from HITS.   Both are flakies, but not in the way the clear flakies are.  These have flakies buried within them that emit and carry light, but they don't really change colour.   They sizzle on and off according to the lighting, but for the most part, they are an integral part of the polish, rather than a technicolour dream coat.

Hula is officially now one of my favourite polishes.  I have LOVED wearing this on my nails.  It reminds me a lot of Picture Polish Vegas - they both have that "we're so orange we're flirting with red" vibe going on, and they are both succulent with juiciness and intensity.  Best of all, the flakies in Hula make it look like molten lava on your nails - seriously cool.  Well, hot actually, but you know what I mean.

Salsa I am less in love with, mainly because it's the sort of sickly type of pink that doesn't sit well with my skin tone.   It's a creamy dark bubblegum kind of colour, and I probably wouldn't keep it for it's own sake, but this looks great as a contrast and will look fab in gradients.  For my money, it's also a better bet than Deborah Lippmann's Sweet Dreams - about a quarter of the price AND a nicer colour.

Finally - don't they just look WOW together?   Screw Edward and Bella, this is possibly the hottest pairing this side of the sun.  These nails have brought me nothing but happiness, even when the weather (and, therefore, the hair) have conspired against me.

Enjoy :) xxxx
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