Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Indie Week - All That Glitters - Spottie Dottie Light and Dark

Hi Goddesses

Welcome to Day 2 of Indie Week, and today it's an Etsy seller who was of the first that I bought LOADS of polishes from.  She's also the maker of Cha Cha Twist, one of my all time favourite indies (you can see my post on it here).

All That Glitters released these 2 polishes a few months ago now, just before / just around the time the Lynnderella CTD dupe scandal broke.   Whilst neither of these on its own is going to dupe CTD, you can put them both together and get something close (albeit lacking the small glitter pieces).

These are both brash and flamboyant.  They're not subtle, and I like them for that.  They're cheerful, and almost childish in a pure, happy way.  They're fun glitter.  Not poe-faced pseudo-intellectuals.

Spottie Dottie Light is a white hex and bar glitter which I layered over OPI Parlez Vous OPI.

Spottie Dottie Dark is the black version, this was layered over my blood-orange comparison post from a few weeks ago.

I love them both, I think they're really cheery, and they're a great back up to have lying around if you're a bit bored with your mani.

Since I bought these, Kirsten at All That Glitters has introduced more colours - you can check them out here

Enjoy xx :)
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