Saturday, 7 July 2012

Indie Week - NerdLacquer - Regeneration

Hi Goddesses

Hope you're well, and welcome to the weekend!  Apologies for not posting this yesterday, but I'd had a hellishly busy and exciting week at work, had lots of nail mail to send to some lovely ladies and was just poopaloopa'd by 9pm, so today is a bit of a catch up day :)

So, this particular Indie Week is ending with NerdLacquer, and I want to  address her "disappearance" first of all.   Although Amanda has shut up shop (probably been closed down by Etsy for inactivity) and no one knows where she is, and some girls have unfulfilled orders, she is not yet in my "avoid" category.   Why?  Well one of my answers is possibly naive - I can't quite believe that anyone capable of creating such beauty, and who clearly took so much pleasure in it, would abscond for no good reason.  The second reason is that there were known things going on in her life.  She had moved house, needed to move again, and (I believe) her mother was seriously ill.   Can I understand how any one of those things can throw you for a loop?   I certainly can.  I can also understand how if one of the most significant people in your life is terminally ill, nail polish is not going to be high on your agenda.  Or your fans, even.  Imagine you're nursing your sick child as he / she clings to life in hospital - are you going to spare even a second to message your fans or customers ?  No, you'd say, to hell with the rest of the world, THIS is where I need to be.   Rightly or wrongly, that's what I think has happened to Amanda, and I just hope that at some point she'll be back.  Til then, I love her polishes SOOO much that I am prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt and send her my love in the hope that she gets through whatever she's going through.

So anyheyhooo let's get back to the polish.   This is Regeneration, and it's possibly been my least "wow" Nerd experience.   I think it's purely because I expected this to be Jaffa orange, and it's not.  It's caught somewhere between orange and peach, lacking the intensity and the kapowow I personally think it needs.

In these photos, it's layered over CG Riveting, so that gives you an idea of where the heat is really coming from.  When I swatched Regeneration on its own, it was more of a peach toned polish, which wasn't what I was hoping it would be.

It's the gold in this which makes it divine, small, tiny and medium flakes scattered in the traditional NerdLacquer "soup".

Now, the interesting thing is, I would still have kept this polish, because actually, 1 layer over an amazing orange WAS good enough .... until something else came along.  Yes.  I found the perfect orange glitterbomb, but I can't tell you what it is, because at the moment one of the bottles I bought is winging its way over the Atlantic as a very special RAOK to one of my favourite ladies in the world.  You WILL however find out all about it on Wednesday 18th July, so make a date, I promise you, it's AWESOME!

Enjoy xx :)
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