Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Indie Week - Rainbow Honey - Hoof Wrassle

Hi Goddesses

I hope you're enjoying this week on the blog - it certainly feels more fun than last week did, and I guess it's proved for me that I'm not interested in "just" being a swatcher unless I also have something to say.    So whilst I will still happily show you British swatches, Indie swatches, comparisons, and wowzer swatches, I guess I should just lay it our there now that I am never going to be the kind of blog you can come to to see every swatch under the sun.   I have nothing but admiration for those girls and their amazing nails, but here, at The Crumpet, we're splodgers :)

So, Indie Week.   It's almost beyond comprehension how many Indie sellers there are now.  I first ordered some amazing Rainbow Honey polishes over 2 months ago, by pre-order.  Every single one of them is sublime, and you will see each and every one in all its glorious detail.  Personally, I much prefer the leisurely pace of a pre-order to the hyper-adrenalised panic of Etsy shopping, but to each his own.

Now, I have no idea what a Hoof Wrassle is, but I can tell you that this is ALSO one of my Top 10 polishes of the year so far.   

Imagine if you will, a swamp.  A lumpy, gungey, aligator-hiding swamp.  Now imagine that swamp changed colour to orange - there, that gives you the base colour of Hoof Wrassle.

Now, much as I love this polish for glittertasticness, there is no denying that the base colour rivals it for a thing of beauty.  This is a sludgey orange, burnt and muted, life draining away type of orange.  And it's gorgeous.

And then of course there's the glitter.  Teeny, small and medium.  Goldy.  Greeny.  Rusty.  Swampy.   It just PERFECTLY complements the base.

Put them together and - well, my heart just explodes with love for this polish.  It IS sublime.  And I tell you what else, Rainbow Honey is the closest thing I have found to a NerdLacquer.  They all have that same "magical soup" consistency, as well as an overdose of imagination.  Each one I bought is truly spectacular, albeit in different ways.

Finally, a little shout out for the packaging - will you LOOK at how beautiful it is / was until a Crumpet tore into it.    And I LOVE the labels on the top - just perfect.

I think this was 2 perfect coats, maybe 3, but probably 2 - and it applied perfectly.  Super smooth, great flow off the brush, no issues.

So, Hoof Wrassle - awesome polish.  Amazing.  Life affirming.  Delicious.   Swampadelic.   Sublime.   

You can follow Rainbow Honey on Facebook here and you can buy from her website here.

Enjoy xx :)
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