Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Indie Week - Whimsical Ideas by Pam - Seuss

Hi Goddesses

Let's start with a contented sigh, shall we ?  All together now :  aaaahhhhhhh.  Isn't this just The Bomb ?

From the moment I first clapped eyes on this polish I have loved its bright, bold and bouyant appearance.   Unfortunately for me, like a lot of other Indie Polish Makers, Pam doesn't ship to the UK, but thanks to Victoria, one of my lovely polish friends, I am now the proud mama of 5 ... and this is definitely my favourite child.

So what makes Seuss so special ?   Agh, where do I even START?  There's the fact that it is the perfect shade of turquoise; that it perfectly matches what it is named after; the clash of the red glitter; the overall droooooooliness of it.  It's just wonderful.

At work, they're used to my nails, and I don't get a lot of wows these days - they're a bit jaded - but THIS drew attention.   Everybody wanted to know what it was, and everybody loved the shade of blue.

There is something incessantly cheerful about this polish.  You can't look at it without smiling, and you can't wear it without feeling special.   It's awesome, the bomb, one of a kind.

I also think this polish has some special magic to it.  It definitely adds up to MORE than the sum of it's parts, and maybe that's what helps make it so awesome.   Whatever, I don't just like this polish, I have AFFECTION for it, and it's definitely one of my Top 10 of the year so far (which I should have posted during Celebration 500).

You can order from Pam via her Facebook page here.

Enjoy xx :)
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