Sunday, 1 July 2012

Lazy Sunday w/c 24 June 2012

Hi Goddesses

I feel I've been completely behind the ball this week, racing to catch up and not quite getting there :)  Luckily,  I had a day off on Wednesday and got to create 15 manis, which was super fun, AND a crapton of polishes arrived on my doorstep too.  

So why don't I feel excited ?  I don't know!  Lol, maybe it's the anti-climax of the end of Celebration 500.  The month was soooo well structured, I didn't really have to think too much, and now it's over and I DO have to think, and owch that hurts!   Also, the end of Celebration 500 was supposed to be the dawn of a new era, and yet I start July with about 80 manis sat in the vault.  

So here's Crumpet, caught between the past and the future.  I've never been good at limbo, so as soon as I get my new structure sorted out, I'll be fine, even if it means I decide 80 manis never see the light of day.

So what did I get up to this week?   Well Summer Challenge, obvs, and this week had some hideous curveballs lol.

There was Wimbledon

and blue, aqua, green - I chose to do a splatter.

There were guests posts from Roisin, Victoria, Louise, Bee, Helen.

I promised you another cat story last week.  Well, as I went to bed, Pumpkin and Parsnip were having a standoff in the bedroom.  I split them up and climbed into bed.  However, I then heard Parsnip darting around in the bedroom and the noise awakened a horrific memory - she was darting around trying to catch a mouse ......

Lamp on, go and see Parsnip.   Laundry basket is too close to wall and Parsnip can't get her paw or jaw in there - I move it away from the wall.  No mouse.   But Parsnip is still  obsessed and pawing at the base of the laundry basket, and then it dawns on me ...... mousey is UNDER the laundry basket.  Crap in a bucket!   So I lift the edge of the basket an inch off the floor, and before my eye has really registered it, Parsnip's paw dives in, retrives mouse, clamps it in her chops and carries it off to eat.  Under the bed.  Whilst I'm trying to sleep.   

Jeez, no wonder I turn to polish!  So this week I showed you my stamping polishes

and my latest haul

There was also the Superheroes v Villains Challenge, which this week landed on Disney.  I chose Cruella de Vil for my villain

and the Disney Princesses for my hero.

There was also some post swatches on the blog.  Nubar Peacock Feathers

There was also Stamping Sunday which this week landed on Gothic - I was thrilled with how this turned out.

And finally, there was Friday Friends with Roisin, a post about my favourite blogging friends, and a post on some of the Best Bloggers on the Block.

Wow, what a week ..... AND .... it ended with a Giveaway - make sure you enter for your chance of winning 15 British polishes and a load of sweeties and treaties :)

See you next week for a new era in Crumpetland :) xx
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