Monday, 16 July 2012

Monkey See Monkey Do Monday - Gradient + Dots

Hi Goddesses

Today's MSMD mani was inspired by 2 things - the new Essie Collection, and this mani which I found recently on Nail Call.

Nail Call: Summer Fun Challenge: We Like it Hot Hot Hot!!

There's another mani that I love but can't find my pin of, which is a blue to white gradient with pink dots - very striking - and I had both manis in mind as I settled down to play this weekend.

Firstly, have to say - Essie Neons, consider me impressed.  I'm not usually an Essie fan AT ALL, but Lights, Camera, Action and Bazooka, are bright without being sunglasses bright, versatile and they blend together beautifully.

So this is my base - this was 3 layers of Action (it's the sheerest of the 4 polishes), with a Bazooka gradient.

Wow - don't they look good together?  Tell me they don't look juicy enough to eat :)

After I'd spent a loooooooong time staring at my beautiful gradient, I decided it was dotting time.  I toyed with lime green dots to create a real contrast, but when I experimented on paper, it looked wrong (check me out!).   Sooooo I settled for one of the new Barry M Retros - Red.

Retro Red is not the same as normal Barry M red.  Retro Red is darker, more cherry toned, and with buried pearliness.  It reminds me a little of a-England Perceval, but not quite as lush.  Although still nice, obviously ....

To get the dots in diminishing sizes is easy - every time you dot, the polish blob left on the end of your dotting tool gets smaller, so dip your dotting tool into the polish once, dot at the outside edge, and then keeping dotting, and as you draw nearer to your cuticle, the dots will naturally get smaller without you having to change dotting tools.

This mani was soooooo funky to wear, and it just defines summer, doesn't it ?   Look at all those hot hot hot colours and the juicy tones and the aw I just want to squish it!

Lol, so colour me happy!

Enjoy xx :)
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