Monday, 9 July 2012

Nails Inc Cambridge Circus, Denim and Portland Place

Hi Goddesses 

Apologies for the lack of posts yesterday.  I had a really bad sinus attack (worse than I've had in a whole year) and couldn't even get vertical til 6pm.   Usually I find that it's God or the Universe telling me to slow down, and the only way they can get through to me is to incapacitate me for a day, so I took the decision to not try and catch up on the posts I missed yesterday.  If you were really looking forward to Stamping Sunday or Lazy Sunday, I'm super sorry, but I decided to listen to the lesson and chillllllllll.

So here we are today with what is basically Swatch Week.  Lots of pretty polishes I've had in the vault for months, which have just never seen the light of day.   The Giveaway comments are loud and clear that you want to see more British polishes, so today I have a Nails Inc triple bill for you.

Now, I wouldn't be a Crumpet without an obsession with purple, so let's start with Cambridge Circus.  To be honest, I didn't buy this for me, but then it arrived and I was all "ooooooh" lol.

This is a lovely purple, pretty much a pure purple, not brown, not blue, not red - purple.   It applies beautiful, is lovely and creamy, and has a nice gloss finish.   It's also the purple I used as the base for my Wimbledon mani (here).

There's not a lot for me to say about it really.  It's certainly not as special as some of my other purples, but I still might keep it as an example of what a basic purple looks like - cos after all, they don't ALL need to have shimmer and glitter, do they lol.

Next we have 2 colours which are exactly the same apart from being different.  Lol. Bear with me.  Denim is blue, and Portland Place is green, however, both of them are darkened, slightly sludgey and with a murky petrol tone to them - they're like brother and sister in a dark underworld.

Denim is darker than the name would suggest, and also quite deviant. There's no happiness to this colour.  It's storm clouds and drama, but with no joy or uplift.

It's also, bless it, the recipient of some of the worst photos I think I have ever taken - man they are AWFUL.  I thought about excluding them, but they're a valuable pointer in how easy it is to improve.  All the photos in this post were taken over a 3 month period, and I think it's quite obvious, as there is a lot of difference in the quality.  So, if you're trying to improve your photography, hang in there!

Portland Place.   Mmmmm, even me, non-green-loving-me admires this one.  Man it's decadent.  And Victorian.  And dirty.  As I mentioned, you've got the whole petrol sludge going on, but in a more beautiful way than with Denim.  

This is a really dark teally green.  An evil forest green.   An underworld, things crawling out of the moss green.   It's wicked, and I bet it can suffocate you with its branches too.

So, where do I rate Nails Inc amongst British polishes?  Well, they apply well, are very glossy, and they are an innovative brand.  They are on the curve or ahead of it, one of the few international brands that can say that.  However, they also sell for £11 in the UK - that's about $18 - and here's the laugh, it's actually cheaper to import this British polish than it is to buy it in England.  Go figure!

So that was Nails Inc day.  You've got some Hits amazingness tomorrow and then some Bettina on Wednesday, Models Own on Thursday and OPI on Friday.  Enjoy xx :)

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