Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Olympic Outfits

Hi Goddesses

Technically, today is Day 43 of the Summer Challenge (2/3 through, 2/3 through ... we can do it!!) and it should have been Olympic Medals.  However, to say mine sucked ass like a highly priced whore is an understatement; it was embarrassing lol, so instead I have for you a replacement mani.

This is my homage to the outfits the British team wore as they entered the stadium on Friday night during the Opening Ceremony.  White tracksuits with gold embellishments, it's had a LOT of stick in the press, but I thought there was something of the Modern Olympian to it, and I liked that it harked back to Greek beginnings.  I also like that I got to use hark in a blog post!!!

So, this is 3 layers of piCture pOlish White Wedding which I also blogged yesterday as part of their Blog Fest.  It's a white milky jelly, which takes time to build up, but it's laced with the most amazing pastel rainbow shimmer.  IF you have sunshine of course .....

I used good old Barry and his M and his gold foil for the embellishments, echoing the gold collars, the strips and the  patches on the outfits.

Simples.  Enjoy :) xx
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