Sunday, 1 July 2012

Stamping Sunday Meets Recycled Nails - Circles!

Hi Goddesses

Wow, can you believe it's July?  I can't.  Typically, as I look out my window at the British summer, all I can see is wind, black clouds and looming rain.  Triffic.  Do they not know I have HOLOS I want to wear?

Today's Stamping Sunday theme was circles or dots and I layered it on top of yesterday's Summer Challenge mani which was Water Marble!  Why ?  Well, as you know, Recycled Nails Rule, and also, I ran out of time a little.  Celebration 500 took a lot of planning, and even then I still didn't cram everything in, AND I have 3 challenge manis due this week which I still haven't started - argh!  Crumpet does not like to be behind :(

So, here is how this mani looked yesterday, a water marble of 3 of the CG Neons - Pink Plumeria, Under The Boardwalk, and Love's a Beach.  I cannot tell you how BRIGHT this pink was - super obnoxious lol.

I then chose this lovely design from Cheeky CH10 - it reminds me a little of clockwork - and the plan was to do it over the pink in an equally obnoxious colour, so that we could have the clash of the vulgar brights!   Alas, this didn't work.  Pink too strong.  Pink fight off stampers.  :(   So I turned to Konad white - ironically the blandest colour of all was the only one that could shut the neons up!

And this is why I love Recycled Nails.  The water marble on its own would have lasted a couple of days, and then stamping over it extends it for a couple more.  If I was keeping it, I might then have glittered over it - and before you know it, your mani has lasted the whole week, or at least Monday to Friday.

Right, lots to do, see you soon, and don't forget to enter the Giveawaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :)  Enjoy xx
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