Sunday, 29 July 2012

Stamping Sunday - Red and Black

Hi Goddesses

Holy hoooha!  There's less than 3 hours of Sunday left to go and I haven't even posted my Stamping mani yet - yikes!  It's been a bit of a hectic day and then there's all those Olympic events to watch ....

Luckily, the photos for this post do this far more justice than my words ever could, so I don't actually need to write that much!

This is a base coat of the sensational red holo that is Jade Vermelho Surreal, stamped with Konad black and the amazing jigsaw pattern from BM319.

Interesting fact - it's taken me nearly a year to realise, but when I stamp, I've still been using my Zoya Remove for all my clean-up, including my plates and plonker.  How silly does that make me ?  So this week I switched to pure acetone, and whaddya know ?   Crap clean-up and smearage everywhere ....

Anyway, here's some more drooly pics to end with - enjoy xx :)

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