Monday, 23 July 2012

Stamping Week - Aqua Gold

Hi Goddesses

This week's focus for emptying the vault is Stamping Manis. I have quite a few that are pretty decent thank you very much, yet for one reason or another, they just haven't made it to the blog yet.

Now today's mani is an example of why I am sometimes a crap blogger.   I looked at this and immediately thought it was Zoya Wednesday.  Howeverrrrr when I looked at the date stamp on the photo, it's a whole month before Zoya Wednesday arrived in my sweaty hands.  So what the hell is it ?? lol.    I *think* that means it's Cult Nails Manipulative.  Think.  Maybe.  What's in name - it's all aqua goodness, right ?

So this was Wednesday / Manipulative layered with NYX Prismatic Gold, a really interesting gold in that it's quite cold, and as you can see, leans almost silver.

We then have silver stamping using Barry M Silver Foil (definitely, no doubt there) and BM-208.

I love the overall combination - it's effortlessly cool and classy, and who knew that gold and silver would mix so well together?

Enjoy xx :)
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