Thursday, 26 July 2012

Stamping Week - HITS Can Can Cobwebs

Hi Goddesses

Sometimes I shock myself, I truly do.   This has been sitting in the vault, getting all cobwebby, appropriately enough, since the 18th March!!!   How does a girl manage to do that ??  I don't know, and I AM that girl!

So, with apologies, this is the glorious radioactive blackcurrant crush that is HITS Can Can (you can see my swatch post here) layered with Konad white and a pattern from large Cheeky Plate D.

When I did this, I loved it, so I really don't know why it took my so long to blog it.  I may have been over conscious of the splodgey tips, but hey, I'm a Crumpet, what should I expect?

I like that the pattern is big and bold without being overpowering - there are plenty of spaces for the flakie beauty of Can Can to shine through.

It's definitely slightly amateurish, but you can see the right intentions are there!

Enjoy xx :)
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