Saturday, 28 July 2012

Stamping Week - Neptune Nails

Hi Goddesses

I hope you're enjoying Stamping Week, and today sees another trot out for the DRK-B plate, which is truly stunning.

Today's mani has a lot in common with the a-England one you saw earlier in the week, and was done at the same time.  Then it was the right hand, today you get to see what was on the left :)

The base for this hand is a skittle again - this time a-England Saint George is on the thumb, middle and pinkie, and HITS Hera is on the index and ring.   Both are teal holos, but in totally different ways, and there is a comparison post coming up, honest!

I decided I wanted a watery theme for the nails as the colours reminded me of mermaids and storm tossed seas.  Instead of being too obvious, I picked this pattern, which reminds me of cresting waves.

I used Barry M Silver Foil (obvs) and I think this almost stamped TOO well.   You can see on some of the nails that the dots aren't very well defined because the image has been picked up so deeply.   It's a cool pattern though - I see lots of uses for this in our future :)

Enjoy xx :)
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