Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Summer Challenge Day 26 - Euro 2012

Hi Goddesses

So, we're back to the Summer Challenge, and now is the turn of the Euro 2012 Football Championships which have just ended.  

It's one of the many mysteries of my life as to why I decided this particular challenge should happen AFTER the final - surely it would have made more sense before ?  Yes, even I agree with the now-me, so I have no idea what the earlier-me was playing at.

Aaaaanyway, the final was contested between Italy and Spain, 2 fabulous sides who play with flair.  The Spaniards battered the Italians 4-0.   Whoops.

I decided to do my nails half and half for each flag, and decided to go with a sponged gradient.   I used Sally Hansen Right Said Red, CG Starboard and SH White On for the Italian flag.   What was really interesting was that I had planned to do a deep and intense sponging, but when I saw the faded, shabby look of the first layer, I fell in love with it and couldn't bear to make it deeper.

The Spanish flag is missing a teensy bit of detail in the middle, as I wanted a simple, clean look.  This was OPI The It Color for the yellow, and I sponged with Wet n Wild Buy Me A Drink, a deep intense burgundy.

A simple v for "versus" in the middle and voila.  Ready to play ?  Oh, it already finished ?  Oh that's weird.  Well, why is the mani today then ?  I dunno .....

Enjoy xx :)
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