Saturday, 7 July 2012

Summer Challenge Day 28 - Summer Chevrons

Hi Goddesses

Sorry sorry sorry, not only is this post a day late, it's also my 2nd version of Summer Chevrons.   Originally I chevroned over my parrot nails, but .. well, it just didn't look summery, so here we have something that's insanely sunshiney instead - you can't deny the summer credentials of this one !!

This mani uses 2 polishes from Color Club's amazing Take Wing collex - the orange is called Sparkle and Soar and the yellow is called Daisy Does.

Both polishes ... well, I don't know whether to stare at them, lick them or suck them.  Juicy or what!!  They are just amazing in all their beautiful glass-flecked shimmerytasticness.   I've deliberately taken a few angled photos so that you can see the dappled variety in these polishes.  They are just WOW and perfect for summer, or any moment when you need an infusion of happiness.

This mani was 2 coats of Sparkle and Soar, and then I taped off the chevron to do Daisy Does.  When you're using tape, you can't let the polish dry, but I really needed 2 coats.  I'd decided by then that I would also use a striper, so I freehanded the 2nd coat on top of the chevron I'd already created.  Because of the simple angles, it was easier than I'd expected AND - secret tip - if I had gone wrong, I knew I could hide it with the striper or even dots (if I went REALLY wrong lol).

The striper is from the Fraulein 38 range which is ridiculously cheap and available in all sorts of variety on ebay.  Don't get me wrong, they are not as good as the Orly or other posher ranges, but if all you're looking for is the ability to stripe, they are well worth the money.  Usually, the brush bristles tend to be cheaper and therefore too floppy, which means anything else can be too tricky.  As you can see here, it's done the job it needed to do perfectly.

So all in all, I loved this mani - now if only I could persuade the British weather to interpret it.  Seriously, we've got torrential rain again today, half the country is flooded, the British Grand Prix might have to go ahead without any spectators ..... jeez!   Ou est le sunshine ????

Enjoy xx :)  
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