Saturday, 7 July 2012

Summer Challenge - Day 29 - Cricket

Hi Goddesses

I am going to start with an exclamation - wow!! thank you !! 1000 followers !!  hurrah !!  so chuffed !! thrilled, you don't know how much this means, genuinely xx

And follow it up with an outraged question - how the hell have I gotten so behind with everything ??   Well, I probably know.  I had a major job interview this week, so that time I usually spend prepping posts so that I can just press C-LICK when I feel like it, evaporated, and it's taken me until 70 minutes to midnight to realise I was supposed to post this today!  Whooooooops.  Which is also kinda ironic, as I was really really chuffed when I did this on Sunday night, and couldn't wait to post it .......

Cricket.  English sport of gentlemen.  Played at test level over 5 days, or in 1 day formats that are a bit more action driven.   Partly made legend by a British radio program called Test Match Special, fond lovers of cake of all and any varieties, and creators of perhaps the most awesome radio clip of all time - when Jonners and Aggers wept with laughter because "Botham got his leg over".  It's one of those radio moments that makes you CRY with laughter - you cannot fail to join in with them, every single time.

Isn't that wonderful ?  It's the "Aggers do stop it" that makes me weep.  It's a radio clip held in a lot of affection in the UK.  Jonners (the older of the 2) died a few years ago but was a broadcasting legend - it's so wonderful his legacy lives on.

So, onto the nails.  The nails are divided into different elements of the game.  The thumb shows the pitch and the index finger shows the bails and the wicket (which must be knocked over by the ball) and at the top edge, you can see the boundary rope.  (Polishes used - Barielle Polished Princess for the green, and Nails Inc Colville Mews for the cream).

The middle nail is the red cricket ball.  In these photos it doesn't look red at all lol, but I can assure you it did in real life!!  This is China Glaze Velvet Bow, a deliciously wicked red (like the red apple the witch gave Snow White) and it's dotted with Colville Mews for the seam of the ball.

I also used Velvet Bow on the little finger, sponged on lightly.  Cricketers rub the ball along their groin and inner thigh to get it shiny, so this is the red stain they develop on their trousers.   Finally, the ring finger is 4, one of the key scores in cricket.

Oh, and by the way, England are currently the world's number 1 side.  I'm not actually gloating, cos when I say it was a long time coming, I am really not kidding!!

Enjoy xx :)

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