Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Summer Challenge Day 31 - Beach Towels (Recycled Nails)

Hi Goddesses

Well, after being poorly, I broke my unbroken run and missed a Summer Challenge mani.  Usually, I would just post it the next day, but as this one was "pedicure", let's just all breathe a great big sigh of relief, eh ?   I don't know what prompted me to add it to the challenge as feet pretty much gross me out.  Knowing me, it was probably pure devilment, and to make everyone else squirm!  Lol.

So, today's challenge is Beach towels, and this is one of the very first ones I did, the day after the very first Monkey See Monkey Do Challenge, where they appeared as this delicious gradient.

This was so pretty to wear, and I loved the combination of Zoya Caitlin, CG Kinetic Candy and SH Back To The Fuchsia.   The more I stared at it during the day, the more the gradient lines started to look fluffy, and then like towels and TA DAH an idea was born.

So that night, I doodled.   Yup, technical term.   I did a little bit of blobbing (with a dotting tool), and just created the sort of random patterns you can see on towels.

Overall, I still really like it.  You might not see it on the beach, but I love the combo, I love that I got 2 awesome manis out of one set of nails, and even now, 3 months later, it still makes me smile.

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