Friday, 13 July 2012

Summer Challenge Day 33 - Sea Shells

Hi Goddesses

So how was Friday 13th for you???   Tolerable I hope:)   Seashells ... she sells seashells on the seashore ... Crumpet paints seashells on her huge paws ...

Seashells for me, conjure up perfect smells and images.  The salty breeze of the ocean, the cool clear of the water in which they lie, the soft scrunch of sand between the toes, and always, ALWAYS the coconutty smell of sunscreen :)   Who hasn't ever collected shells ?  We've all done it - it's almost a childhood rite of passage.

I was a little bit short of ideas for this until I wore OPI DS Glamour (which you can see here).   Immediately, there was something perfect about it's oceanic depths that drew me closer to the seashells challenge.   The next trick was to find a suitable pattern, and not only that, but one that let enough of Glamour dazzle through.

In the end I settled on this pattern from Mash-40, which reminded me of this type of swirly shell -

There's also something about the blue and white which complements perfectly.  Ironically, I got an awesome stamping package this week containing a plate with proper seashells on .... sigh ..... but more on that at the weekend.

I really loved this combo - I'm not sure how much it really does resemble a seashell, but there's definitely something watery about it.  It's bold and it's bright, and that's alright by me :)

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