Saturday, 21 July 2012

Summer Challenge Day 37 - Golf The Open

Hi Goddesses

Sorry this is late but I was poopaloopahed last night, and ended up gong to bed at 8.30!   And while we're at it, do you all have a sadistic streak?  Buttercups is the most viewed post of the week !!!  How did that happen lol.

So, yes, Golf and this weekend sees the British Open, one of the golfing Grand Slams, and therefore quite a big deal.   Like a lot of people doing the challenge, I saw this mani a few weeks ago and saved it, knowing it would come in useful.

I went with 3 themes on my nails - golf, a hideous golfing jumper, and then the ball in the sky.

Most of the grass was done with Bettina green, and then I put a lighter tone in using Barry M Lime Green.  So we have a green on the thumb, a fairway on the index finger, and a bit of fairway, the green and a bunker on the middle finger.

Now, this mani is a perfect example of why I will never be brilliant at nail art.  There are a number of reasons - I can't draw, I have no understanding of shading, and (as you can see here) I have no understanding of depth and therefore no spatial awareness.   Behold the golf ball.  It is the same size in all the nails.  Now, given the size of the bunker in the middle nail, this must make the golf ball the size of a boulder, no ?   Yep, crap at art.

The jumper is Barry M Lemon Ice Cream, topped with a stamp, and the sky was Barry M Turquoise.

Faults aside, I actually liked this mani.  It was bright, it was colourful, and the people at work, they really did say "ooooh".

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