Saturday, 21 July 2012

Summer Challenge Day 38 - Tour de France

Hi Goddesses

This weekend also sees the culmination of the Tour de France, the world's hardest sporting event in my opinion, and a genuine test of endurance.  Pleasingly, it might be won by a Brit, Bradley Wiggins, just a few days before London 2012 kicks off :)

For a girl, I actually know quite a lot about Le Tour, mainly because my ex husband was a bike rider in his youth and his sporting god was Lance Armstrong.   Even several years after our divorce, Lance's story still fascinates me, but now I hope rather than believe that all the drug allegations are false.   Sad times.

I had no idea what I was going to do for these nails, but then just in the nick of time, my amazing swap package arrived from Meann at My Online Shop.  And what stamp should there happen to be on MJ2 ?  Yes, bikes!!  Now, I'll admit they probably never did Le Tour on penny farthings, but look!!  Bikes !!!

Once I knew this would be a straightforward stamping mani, I decided to skittle the bases.  We have the famous yellow jersey which the leader where, the spotted jersey, the green jersey and the white jersey.   The thumb was done in Color Club Revvvolution to represent the road.

I feel I should apologise for the photos - none of them seem crisp to me.  I took them in the bathroom which sometimes has strange light, and I think that's the cause.

Anywhohow, have a great weekend xx Enjoy xx :)
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