Monday, 23 July 2012

Summer Challenge Day 39 - Red, Orange and Yellow mani

Hi Goddesses

Red, orange and yellow are colours made for summer and they are made for combining!  Even ignoring the fact that red + yellow = orange, they blend so beautifully and look all juicy and scrumptious together :)

Today's mani started out as a gradient, and I then stamped over it.  Let's look at the gradient first - 

This was a base of Ludurana Faiscante, a gorgeous ruby red jelly with isolated holographic flecks.  It was then sponged with Manglaze Butt Taco, and then a rancid Stargazer Yellow (I was going for eye-poppingly bright).

I chose the 3 polishes as much for their different textures - you can't get further apart than a holographic jelly and a matte, can you ?

I also wanted the gradient to be choppy, like the surface of the sun, so rather than a smooth make up sponge, I used a holey one:)

To this I then stamped with Konad black and this stamp from large plate Y.

I really liked the finished result - it had quite a carnival feel to it.  Super bright, super random - 2 of my favourite things!

Enjoy xx :)
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