Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Summer Challenge - Independence Day

Hi Goddesses

And a special Helloooooo to all my American readers and friends - I hope you've all had a great day today.

Behind what I hope you might think is an awesome mani is a tale of hardship and woe.  I did these nails at the end of May, and the technique I used was supposed to be the centrepiece of Celebration 500.  However, with 89 other blog posts to prepare last month, I lost steam, and my "big wow" never made it to the stage.

So today, I'm going to share these nails with you, but try to avoid discussing the technique, and then at the weekend, or next week, I'll do the whole "how to" piece, because how I built these nails is really interesting.  (Well, to me lol, but I would say that because I was ooohing and aaaahing to myself as I did them).

Basically, this mani is 3 layers of polish - SH White On (2 coats + top coat), then a layer of red (almost certainly SH Right Said Fred) and then a layer of blue, which I think is a Rimmel blue called My Denim (which is not deminy at all, but a bright blue).

Once I did the secret jiggery pokery magicalooza, I then stamped over my nails using Konad white, and the star on BM06.   It's the first time I've deliberately stamped off centre, and I really liked how it added to the overall effect.

So yes, colour me chuffed :)  Distressed, shabby, grungey - whatever you want to call them, I like.   I'll try to get the Anatomy of a Mani post up as soon as I can.

Enjoy xx :)
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