Thursday, 5 July 2012

Superheroes v Villains - ULTIMATE HERO

Hi Goddesses

Welcome to the last post in this short Superheroes and Villains series, and tonight it's the Ultimate Superhero.   Remember on Tuesday I said I almost went abstract with my villain, well, with these, I went VERY abstract indeed.

Ok, if anybody is NOT clueless at this point, you must be a mutant or a freak!  I don't think anyone can guess my hero from this mani :)   

Actually, it's not just A hero, but a whole collection of them, a collective if you will - Writers.  As I've mentioned before, I'm not so much for the comicbook characters or supervillains, and so this week especially has been hard for me, and when I stepped back and thought about who I thought were the heroes of the world, writers were one of the things that felt right in my heart (ooooh, went a bit Lynnderella-speak there!).

Why?  Well without writers there are no books or songs.   Writers give children imagination and education.  A childhood without books deprives a child just as much as a lack of love or nurtrition.  And without writers, we wouldn't know how to put what we feel into words, how to love, how to ache, how to hurl back a witty one-liner.   Writers.  Heroes.

So, what the hell hoo-hah have we got on these 'ere nails, then ?  Welllll, we have a stamp of a pen and paper on the thumb, and an echo of it on my little finger.  Both of these have a base of Nails Inc Colville Mews, and the stamping plate is SdP-P.

The 3 middle nails are where my true heroes lie - Kate, Tori and Sylvia.  Bush, Amos and Plath.   You may recognise the ring finger - it's an echo of an earlier homage I did to Sylvia Plath using BM-204 as the tulips which are on the cover of her most famous book of poems, Ariel.

The middle finger is Tori Amos, awesome flame-haired pianist, writer of epic songs with banshee harmonies.  Her hair is CG Riveting, and then I just used a white and black to represent the piano keys.

And then my index finger, which is my favourite of all, and based on this, the cover to Kate Bush's epic album, Hounds of Love.

It's a photograph that's always captured my imagination.  There's just something about her langour, the chiffon and the soft furry doggy ears that makes for an iconic image.  I used OPI Sparrow Me The Drama for my base, sponged on a little OPI Planks A Lot and then drew the hair on with Orly Instant Artist (striper) in brown.

And they are my heroes.  

I hope you've enjoyed this series.  I know I've whinged a lot, but I'm really proud of the manis that came out of it, and I've even watched 3 X-Men films now and know who Magneto is!!  (defo Gandalf, not Jean Luc).

xx :)  don't forget to check out my partners in crime -

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