Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Superheroes v Villains - ULTIMATE VILLAIN !!!!!

Hi Goddesses

This week has thrown me right back into the feelings I had at the beginning of the challenge - What the HELL am I going to put on my nails?!  To say I was stumped for inspiration (both for this AND the Ultimate Hero) is a humungous understatement.

However, I really think this Challenge has produced some of the best nail art I've done - go figure.  I've always been a big believer in these challenges because they force you to apply yourself rather than just taking the easy option, and I am phenomenally proud of my Hulk, Wonder Woman and Cruella nails.  So, what do we have today .....

This topic was almost TOO broad.  Ultimate Villain ?  Hitler ?  The Devil ?   Yessss, except you can't do swastikas and sacrificial goats as nail art.  I almost chose Barbie, for every false image of womanhood she creates, but in the end had an INSPIRED moment ....

and picked Agent Smith from The Matrix!   Think about it.  That man does not quit.  He never dies.  I remember watching the 3rd film and being so convinced of his invincibility that I couldn't see how Keanu was going to destroy him.

And is there any actor cooler than Hugo Weaving ?  The way he drawls, "Mr ..... ANDerrrrrsssoooooooon", makes me smile every time.

And why is he the Ultimate ?  Well because you can't just kill him once and walk away.  You have to kill him again and again and again and again .... without end.

Some of you have been asking for nail art tutorials, and so I did one for this mani - I'll try to get it up by the weekend if it's something you're interested to see.

See you on Thursday with my Ultimate Hero :)  Enjoy xxx

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