Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Time Capsule Tuesday - Deborah Lippmann Waking Up In Vegas and Glitter In The Air

Hi Goddesses

So, welcome ye, welcome ye, to a new series of posts on The Crumpet - Time Capsule Tuesdays.    It never ceases to shock me when I look back at the crud I used to post, so for the next few months at least, I'm going to recreate some of my first manis, share the original photos with you, and do a bit of a compare, contrast and commentary.

First up we have a Deborah Lippmann duo, Waking Up In Vegas and Glitter In The Air, which was the very first polish post on this blog, on 22nd July 2011.  It certainly didn't start out to be a double post - I wasn't that clever back then - I think I just wondered what GITA would look like, and layered it over WUIV!

July last year is when my polish obsession really intensified and I will NEVER forget the moment I first clapped eyes on a Lippmann.  It was Ruby Red Slippers, and I had eyes on stalks as I looked at the red glitter swimming in the black jelly.   Typically, I headed straight to eBay, and probably because RRS wasn't available that day, clicked on this pair.   Yup, lotta ma polishes happened just like that :)

Ok, are you ready ?  Ready to see the hideousness of that photo ?  Peek now ....

Agh!   Did they blind you??  Are you ok, my dear goddesses ? Man, they are awful lol!   Bad lighting, clutter in the background, painting so far outside the lines it's in the next county, and that flippin' date stamp!

And this is why I'm sharing.  We all start somewhere, and it's important to recognise the progress we make, and well, if we can have a laugh at ourselves along the way, what's the harm lol.    I do think I prefer my new photos better tho :)

If you've never seen them in normal lighting before, let me expand - WUIV is a clay coloured polish, quite weird.  Not super glossy either.   It's quite murky, and it's also quite a "joyless" polish - there really is no happy when this one's on.   Have I ever worn it since last July ?  Pardon, couldn't hear you, awful buzzing .... er, noooooo.   

I think I thought I would wear it quite often to work, but I never have lol, and instead go in with all the mad nails you see on the blog.

GITA, well ... siiiiigh, isn't this just one of the most beautiful polishes ever made?   I love it.  It's exquisite, a genuine work of art.  I think between this, RRS and Bad Romance, Deborah Lippmann re-invented what a nail polish could be.  Without her there would be no Lynnderella, and no Etsymania.  And I don't say this lightly; the woman is a friggin genius.

I have never ever worn GITA on it's own, in fact, I've never ever worn it since I blogged it lol.   When I want to experiment with GITA, I use Revlon Whimsical instead, in case it doesn't work; I just can't bear to waste a single drop.   Pure Beauty.

So what did I write at the time ?   Some pompous drivel probably ... oh here we go ....  So this is Lippmann’s famous pale taupe.  Matte and thick, this almost goes on in 1 coat.  Colour-wise it’s puttyish, a pure medium grey which begins to take on a taupier hue the longer you stare at it.  (It goes on much greyer than it looks in the bottle).  Eventually it looks like stone and concrete – grey but not quite.

Very elegant, very classy but slightly lacked the wow factor for me – until I layered it with the divine Glitter In The Air, a creamy suspension of pink and blue sequins.  Somehow, that made all the difference, elevating it from ladylike to yeh-I-like !  

It also wasn't a massively popular blog post - I am sure the 98 hits it's had have been accidental lol - you wouldn't DELIBERATELY click on those photos now, would you?!

And finally, I've never worn them in a year, so will I be getting rid of them?   No.   Purely because they're Lippmanns, and everything from the bottle shape to the creative artistry involved in making them is pure perfection.  They are works of art, and I'll still be wearing them once a year when I'm 90 and battier than I am now.

Enjoy xx :)
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