Friday, 17 August 2012

365 Days of Color - Glittercide

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to the last post featuring the new End of the Rainbow polishes from 365 Days of Color.  They go on sale today, and you get them here.

This is the Odd One Out of the Collection.  It's a pure multi-coloured micro glitter that can be worn on it's own or as a topper.  I fully expected it to be my favourite, and yet it's not, and I think that's more testament to how lovely the other polishes are.

Firstly, let's discuss that name - Glittercide.  Death by Glitter, how awesome is that ha ha.

So, I layered my little glitterbomb over a load of dark colours.  I really think they'll look fab over pastels - lilac especially - but I really was pastelled out and my new polishes were whispering nasty things about me ignoring them.

So here we have -
* thumb - Butter London - Slapper
* index - Claire's - Little Dipper
* middle - Zoya - Evvie
* ring - Zoya - Elisa
* pinkie - Zoya - Ray

You may remember that in the preview post I layered this polish over white.  What the white polish hid - but the dark polishes really highlight - is the amount of shimmer and dazzle dust in the base of the glitter.  Every part of the nail twinkles, either with glitter or with dust.

This is pretty much the same glitter that's in Head Peach In Charge, and I love that it looks so different against different colours.   Ultimately though, I've got too many multi-coloured glitters, and even though this is micro sized, it's just not unique enough for me.  I am seriously toying though with dropping it into a bottle of lilac polish :)

Join me tomorrow for the round-up post, in the meantime, enjoy :) xx

This polish was sent to me for an honest review.
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