Thursday, 16 August 2012

365 Days of Color - My Little Cuppycake

Hi Goddesses

So, here she is, the one you've been waiting for - My Little Cuppycake.

White polishes with glitter have been super popular ever since Jawbreaker hit the scene a few months ago.  Whilst white polish hates my skin tone, I totally understand the popularity - there's something about these instant glitter sandwiches which is just luscious.

Now, as you know, I can't wear white, it just hates my skin tone, but if I could, this would be the white glitter for me.  Why ?  Because the glitter in it is crazy!!!  Most white based glitters are loaded with pastels.  Not Cuppycake, noooooo; she's loaded with NEONS!!!  Yup.  Get your sunglasses, this lady is ready to stun!

And that for me is what makes Cuppycake special - that in a sea of white glitter polishes, she stands proudly from the crowd, like a drag queen at a Gay Pride event.   The glitter is small, but obnoxious with some crazy colour combos - coral, yellow, red, green, blue - AND crazy size and shape combos - there's microdust, small, round, squares and shreds.  ALL the glitter came to this party!

I keep looking at it praying there's a way to nail art over it or stamp on it, but then that neon prettiness stops me - it's just too cute to do things over, although I did have me a little playtime which I will show you soon.

This is also similar to KBShimmer's Oh Splat! which is out soon, and as I have both to review, I'll make sure I show you a little comparison next week :)

Finally - sorry about my cuticles!  I've had to do "cleaning" recently, something I NEVER do, and :( they've taken a battering! I'm giving them TLC but they are too stubborn to submit!!!

Enjoy xx :)
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