Friday, 17 August 2012

365 Days of Color - Soak Up The Sun

Hi Goddesses

Most of you know by now of my love / hate relationship with green.  It's one of my favourite colours to wear (matches my witchy eyes) but against my skin tone, it often looks wrong.

When Sunny sent me these polishes, I was a little worried.  Not only are most of them pastels, but there was a peach ... and a yellowy green.  Yellowy Green ?   Holy hellhole!  That's like asking a vegetarian to wear Lady Gaga's meat dress.  

So, I approached Soak Up The Sun with caution. And then ... a transformation ... a lovely celery soup coloured glitterbomb.

The green is lovely and subtle, and a bit more yellow (and therefore less icy) than most pastel greens.  The glitter mix in this one is equally bold, but this time we have the welcome addition of PURPLE!  There's also a lot more yellow and gold glitter in this one.

But let's just scroll back.  Yes, I did say Celery Soup.  There is no other word I can think of to describe the creamy greeny loveliness :)

All the polishes you've seen this week go on sale today and you get your little paws on them here :)  I've got one more to show you and then I'll do a little round-up so that you know how many to buy :)

Enjoy xx :)

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.
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