Saturday, 25 August 2012

Ask Crumpet! Vol2

Hi Goddesses

Thank you everyone for the positive response to last week's Ask Crumpet!  I'm glad you loved it so - it's a type of post I love doing.  Don't forget to comment if you want more things demystifying or explained :)

* franken *

A term that's bandied around quite a lot, this is a noun and a verb - I'm going to franken today // ooh, I made a cool franken.

It comes from Frankenstein and I have no idea who coined it.

Basically, frankening is when you make your own polishes by mixing together other polishes you already own.  The key thing here is that you are not acting like a mad scientist in a lab, but typically only trying to make 1 or a very few polishes.

The most famous franken I know of is this - Rebecca Loves Cupcakes.   This featured on Rebecca's blog over a year ago and I remember my eyes widening with shock at all the possibilities - mix polishes TOGETHER to create the perfect polish - wow!!!  Lol.

I have made a few frankens.  The key is to go slowly - add little by little and keep shaking.  It's easier to add more than take some out.  As an impatient Crumpet, this was very hard for me to learn, but I did ... eventually.

I've made a few frankens - Holy Jizz

And so has Beth - Pink Day's Night

It's a great Mommy and daughter activity :) 


* buy cheap polishes or get your friends to give you cast offs.  You can buy polishes in bulk really cheaply from eBay, or market stalls are great too
* look for polishes that have either glitter or flakiness in them - when you mix a colour in with it, it will pop before your eyes
* check out blog sales for awesome glitters like Wet n Wild Party of Five

Here's some polishes which are great for frankening to show you what I mean -

And above all .... enjoy :)  xx

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