Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Birthday Nails - Number 1 !!!

Hi Goddesses

So, it's my birthday tomorrow, or today, depending when you're reading this .. hell, maybe even yesterday or last week !!!  I have therefore decreed this week Purple Week, in honour of my favourite nail colour, and so there's lots of purple as well as Crumpety goodness on the way.

I thought you might be interested in some random facts about me - 
* I was born on August 29th
* that makes me a Virgo
* HOWEVER I should have been born a whole month earlier - and should therefore have been a Leo, so I'm a bit of a mixture of the 2
* yes, I was born after 10 months chilling out in the womb
* I was born with an extra finger

Yup, so if you didn't all think I was mad before, you do now lol !!!     Anyhowwhohey, like the Queen, I am having several birthdays this week, partly because I like to wear 2 manis at once lol!   Tomorrow you get some insanely special nail art, and today you get ......

.... this.  In tribute to one of my all-time-and-forever favourite bloggers, Sarah of Chalkboard Nails, I finally did a ruffle mani !!  If you haven't seen it, Sarah did an awesome mani at the end of last year which she originally called the Carmen Miranda - you can see it HERE.  

I've wanted to do this for the LONGEST time, partly because it's so easy as well as effective.   It's literally just rows and rows of dots (which I did with my "almost largest" dotting tool").  

My base colour was a GORGEOUS possibly Workwear appropriate greyish lilac which might be coming to a WWW post near you oooooh tomorrow ... and for the rest of my dots, I picked up some of my untried purples (and shit the bed, there's a LOT to choose from) -
* Bettina Purple
* Cosmic from Claire's Starstruck Collex - thank you Katee :)
* Jade holo Fascinio Violetta
* Cult Nails Spontaneous (thank you Coco for such a to-die-for purple)

It's an easy process but one for which patience is required.  I did the bottom row of dots on every nail, waited for them all to dry, then did the 2nd row on all 5 nails and waited for them to dry .... and so on.  But boy, don't it look pretty ?

This reminds me of witches tights, which is fine with me.   The polishes work well together too.  Because purple spans such a WIDE spectrum (brown based to blue based), the biggest cause of failures (for me anyway) is a lack of congruence between the colours.  I really wanted to use one of the new Germany OPIs or my Sation Miss Emo Shun All which I'm DYING to wear ... but I'm so glad I resisted, as neither would have worked.

So altogether now, Happy Birthday to Meeeeeee .... I'm off to enjoy :) xxx
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