Friday, 17 August 2012

BLOG SALE - Updated

Hi Goddesses

I was a little taken aback by how successful last week's blog sale was, but I'm delighted so many polishes are now finding new and loving homes.

This is the final blog sale update - a couple more polishes I decided I can live without, including NERDS !!! 

Finally, I have a LOT of polishes - if there's something you're after and it's not listed, ask me if I've got it .... I'm sure I can be tempted !

K .. reminder of the "Rules" - 
* prices are listed under the photos and are in GBP.  If you are in the US, there is roughly $1.5 to every £, so if something is priced at £4 it would cost $6
* I will ship internationally - remember, shipping costs will need to be added to any prices.  This is not a sales pitch, but it is cheaper to send more polishes - currently it's about £3 to send 1 polish to the US but only £5 to send 3
* any questions should be emailed to
* if you want to buy, email and provide your paypal address so that I can invoice you
* items that are sold will get the traditional line through them
* I'm not trying to make a killing here, I've tried to be really reasonable with my prices
* finally - if you're in any doubt, use Google images to check the colours out in more detail.  A lot of them have also been swatched on the blog, so feel free to use the search box to find the post
* unlike a lot of blog sales, I haven't put all the good stuff at the top - it's scattered throughout so you'll have to keep scrolling :)
* the following codes are being used - T = tested; x1 or x 2 = how many manis have been done with the polish; Sw = swatched (usually just on 1 paw); BN = brand new

NerdLacquer Data Squirrel Sw - £20

NerdLacquer Event Horizon 95% - £25

Lynnderella - Love Potion 99 - £20

Lynnderella - Very Pretty Vampire - £20

Girly Bits - £4 sw - Rogue and Sailors Delight

Models Own - HedKandi BN £4, Bluebelle BN £4, Purple Ash x2 £3

Barry and his M!!!!!!  Magnetics in Red and Blue, used once £4, Retro Collection BN Purple (intense, camera hates it lol) £4, Coral £4

Barry M Glitters !!! BN £4 each - Pink Silver, Aqua and Silver Multi

Barry M Aqua Green and Aqua Blue both BN £4 each, Max Factor Fantasy Fire BN £4 

w7!!  £3 each all BN - Mojito (glass-flecked), Strawberry Daiquiri (glass flecked), Pink Mirror, Blue Mirror

Models Own BN £3 each- Soda Pop Pink, Slate Green, Tickled Pink

Boots No7 BN £3 each - Beanie, Milan and Oyster

Indies!!!  All That Glitters Spottie Dottie Light and Dark, both used x1 £3, Pretty & Polished Freedom Calling x 1 £4, Red Light District BN £4 and Galactus x1 £3

OPIs - Dutch Ya Just Love OPI x1 £4, 20 Candles On My Cake x2 £4 (has a dirty bottom lol where another polish leaked, only affects the label), Meep-Meep-Meep x1 £4, Catherine The Grape BN £5 (this needs a VERY good shake)

Sally Hansen Glitter toppers £2 each BN - Disco Ball x 2; Ice Queen and Rock Candy

More toppers!  £2 each.  Funky Fingers White Queen BN; Color Club Bishop Weed BN; Color Club Starry Temptress top coat BN; Beyond Opal, still sealed

Color Club £2 each BN - Secret Rendezvous; Sheer Disguise; She's Soooo Glam; Uptown Girl

Color Club £2 each BN - Overboard; Ultra Astral; Wink, Wink, Twinkle (used once); All That Razz; Jack n Jill (sw)

Color Club dark and vampy ones!!  £2 each BN - Catwalk Queen (x1); Blue-topia (x1); Jewel of a Girl; Rad Nomad; Ready To Royal

Urban Decay - The Black Palette - note, these eyeshadows look darker in real life.  Barely used £4

OPI lusciousness - £4 each - Clubbing Til Sunrise BN; I Don't Do Dishes x1; Little Red Wagon BN; Animal-istic x1; Pepe's Purple Passion x1; It's A Rap - unknown, came in a bulk purchase from eBay, my guess is it's 95% full

Color Clubs! - De-Luxe-cious x1 £3; Sparkling Cassis £3 T; Hocus Pocus T £2; Wonderland £2 BN

Pure Ice £2 each - Jackpot x1; Flirt Alert BN; Jamaica Me Crazy BN; Frosted Ice New Lilac BN; Purple Reign x1; Busted BN

Blue & Green Glitterz!!!!  LA Girl Glitter Addict in Incognito and Aqueous, both sw £3; Wet n Wild Cost Is No Issue x1 £2;  NYX Under The Moon BN £3; SH Emerald City (part of a bulk buy, unsure of usage but looks BN) £2; Pop Rocks BAckstage Pass BN £2

Thank YOU !!!!
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