Thursday, 2 August 2012

Brit Nails - w7 - Mosaic

Hi Goddesses

Given that 93% of my collection are US polishes, I don't feel there's ever a lot of fuss and hoopla about British polishes, or that there are many that are global must haves.  Today's Brit Nails polish, however, may just have changed all that.

Behold the AMAZING Mosaic from w7.  2 coats of creamy aqua / turquoise goodness, rammed with lemon and indigo glitter.  Amazeballs.

Now the bit that I find even more amazing - w7 is quite a cheap UK polish.  They have very little brand awareness / marketing, and can mainly be found on eBay, on market stalls and in Poundland.  Typical price - £2.  Maximum.   They've always looked a little "nasty" to me, partly because they duped the OPI bottle shape, and I'm always suspicious of any brand that takes things that far.

However, go online, and a whole other world of w7 opens up - the amazing Planets Collection of 7 duochromes (sorry, still in the untrieds pile) and their Summer Collection, which is a VERY close cousin to the Color Club Take Wing Collection (sorry .. blah blah .. I'll get there!).   So far, so good.  THEN, you get their piece de resistance - 3 polishes (Mosaic, Lava Flow and Salt and Pepper) that are so on trend it hurts.

So how does a small, cheap brand muster up more inventiveness and "on it-ness" than any of it's more established competitors ?   Well, I have no idea, but I am absolutely delighted that they managed it.

Mosaic, Salt and Pepper, and Lava Flow clearly take their cue from the new Nails Inc Sprinkles.  Nails Inc of £11 / $16 a bottle fame; w7 at £2 / $3 per bottle.  I know which one I'm choosing!

But back to the polish.  Mosaic is an absolute stunner as well as a steal / bargain.  It definitely has the wow factor, and was super popular that day at work.  I think that's partly down to the beauty of the shade of blue used, and also the effectiveness of that glitter mix.

I'll show you the other 2 Sprinkles dupes over the next week - they didn't do it for me (cos I can't wear white) but I think you'll love them.  In the meantime, enjoy :) xx
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