Sunday, 5 August 2012

Brit Nails - w7 Salt n Pepper and Lava Flow

Hi Goddesses

Thursday's Brit Nails post was a stunner from w7 called Mosaic (which you can see here).  It's part of their summer collection, and the comments on the blog post and on Facebook were basically along the lines of "get a move on and show us the others".  Lol, so here they are.

Now, before I go into the details, a little disclaimer.  I cannot wear white polishes.  They do nothing against my skin tone, and therefore when I look at my hand, I always say "meh".  However, that said, I can still appreciate how beautiful both these polishes are, and I have actually kept them, because I think they'll be awesome as stamping and nail art bases.

So, first up is Salt n Pepper, a creamy white base LOADED with small black matte glitter.  And that's it.  There's not really much more to say lol.   It applied really smoothly, wasn't too gritty and is so on trend it hurts.  

Lava Flow is basically the same polish - but with red glitter thrown in.  I expected to love this more, and I'm still not totally sure why I didn't.  One reason might be that the red glitter is normal shiny glitter, and it's quite jarring against the matte black - they might have been better trying to find a matte red.  Even so, it's still on trend, and it's great to see a British brand being so imaginative.

The other polishes in their summer collection were very similar to the Color Club Take Wing polishes, but with a few colour variations, and there was also a little stunner called Moondust - but she's going to need her own post, as she's quite the beauty.

Enjoy xx :)
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