Thursday, 30 August 2012

Crumpet's Birthday Day 3 - Drizzt by Glimmer by Erica

Hi Goddesses

So this is day 3 of my little birthdayfest - this is what I wore on my right paw for my birthday.   I'd pretty much known this would be on my hand since it arrived over a month ago.

This is Drizzt from Glimmer by Erica (who did Muy Caliente HERE).   It's pretty much the PERFECT Crumpet glitter - there's purple, there's red and there's squares !!!! Happy dance!

Drizzt is a sensational combination - lilac and purple glitter, plus red squares plus black micro dots.  I LOVE IT !!

I layered this over Jade Fascinio Violette, which complimented the lilac glitter perfectly.   I deliberately used a base polish because I wanted the mani to last.  Drizzt, like Muy Caliente is a really thick glitter, and I'm finding that the thicker ones peel on me after one day.

This looked like purple tin foil from a distance, like the fairy space ship had crash landed on a distant moon.  Absolutely awesome.

Glimmer by Erica is on Etsy HERE.

Enjoy xx :)
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