Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Cult Nails Coco's Collection - Deal With It

Hi Goddesses

I flippin love Cult Nails, I truly do.  Fab bottle, awesome logo, loaded with shimmer, dazzle-tastic ... winner, winner.

In the last year, my polish tastes have changed - A LOT!  Blue and orange are now 2 of my favourite colours, and although I like green a lot more, and have more polishes, we still have a tense relationship.

Mostly, green doesn't often match my albino skin tone.  Pale greens seem ok, as do super dark witchy green.  Stuff in the middle?  Especially the brighty limey stuff?  Nah, not so much.   So whilst I adore and applaud this polish as a work of art, sadly, it's going to need to find another home :(

Deal With It is pretty spectacular.  It's a bright pure lime green, absolutely loaded with gold shimmer.  This gives it an intense depth which  I have been staring at all day.  There's an amazing 3-D quality to this polish, and I love it.

But alas, as I said, it doesn't love me.  Colourwise, it's almost neon, and dries flat like a neon.  This was 2 gloriously, effortless coats and a top coat of Poshe.

It saddens me to let it go, because it truly is a stunner, but, 1000 polishes later, I've FINALLY reached the point where if I ain't gonna wear it, I ain't keeping it.

If you haven't yet joined the Cult, you seriously should, there's even a spectacular sale going on right now.  Enjoy xx :)
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