Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Guest Post - Pink Leopard Nails @ Sweet Sugar

Hi Goddesses

I'm the Guest Blogger today over at Sweet Sugar - let's take a look :)


Thanks to Gwenn for letting her blog be Crumpeted today!

If there's one mani that never gets old for me, it's the Leopard print mani.  Every time another blogger posts a neon version, a real toned version or an outrageously coloured one, I go all weak and wobbly inside.

I don't do them very often myself though, and I think that's just a symptom of having too many ideas, or too many other posts I want to do, so here, just for you, Gwenn's readers, are my very own Leopard Print nails.

This has a base of 3 coats of Cult Nails Untamed from their new collection. It's a lovely sugary, bubblegum pink, sprinkled with shimmer.  It's so girly it hurts.

I then used a medium sized dotter to drag some silver spots onto the nail using OPI DS Coronation.  The trick is to try to get them looking as non-uniform as possible.

And finally, using Orly Charged Up, I used my thinnest dotting tool to drag an outline around most (but not all) of the shape.  Note that the key word here is DRAG.  Dragging the polish with a dotting tool creates an irregular pattern that's really suited to this design.

This pattern is so simple yet so effective - it always looks stunning and dramatic, yet also relatively easy to do.

And there you have it - enjoy :) xx
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