Friday, 3 August 2012

Indie Week - Dollish Polish - Putting On The Ritzzz!

Hi Goddesses

Indie Week ends with another Dollish Polish - mainly because she's in My Top 5 of Indie Makers.  She makes a quality product, doesn't chuck bags of pre-mixed glitters in a coloured base, has imagination and a thorough testing process and most of all, makes polishes that make me go oooooooooooh!

Putting On The Ritzzz! is one of the many many black and white polishes on the market, but crucially (for me, anyway) this is devoid of any hairy glitter.   So what you get is a delicious soup of black and white glitter of all sizes, that looks good against pretty much any kind of base colour.

All these photos are over brights.  We've got a sky blue skittle (which featured in the Which Sky Blue is the Sky Blue For You post here), Bettina Apple Green (here) and a corking magenta from Jesse's Girl called Fashion Friday.

Basically, you can't lose with this polish.  It looks awesome whatever you pair it with, and there's something about black and white glitter that gives everything the wow factor.

Wonderful.   Dollish Polish is now also available at Llarowe.

Enjoy xx :)
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