Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Indie Week - The Hungry Asian - Sea Creature

Hi Goddesses

In life, there are glitters and there are GLITTERS !!! NerdLacquer falls into the latter category, and so does this, the exquisite Sea Creature from The Hungry Asian.

This is an utterly awesome polish. It glitters like jewels on the nail, and is just an astoundingly bright mix of garish colours.  It's amazing.

This probably could be worn on it's own, but I layered it over black, and the base colour does even the glitter out.   There are 2 coats of Sea Creature on the thumb, middle and little fingers, and just 1 coat on the index and ring.

It's the mix of colours that's most fascinating, here, AND the electricity they hold.  There's emerald, teal/bright blue and then, just a slight smattering of fuchsia (which was VERY hard to photograph, which is a shame, because it's the little added extra that just pushes this polish into the genius category).

This is sooooooo underwater reptilian it's untrue.   This is a dark, otherworldly glitter, and it sparkles darkly all day.   I have loved wearing it.  It sometimes catches the light the way a duochrome will, and give you a glimpse of something you hadn't seen before - truly extraordinary.

Now, whisper this, but I actually think this is a better polish to Sneeze Breeze.  Ssssshhhhhh.    Not that Sneeze Breeze isn't amazing, but this one falls into that special "work of art" category.  There is just so much going on in this polish, it's truly a treasure.

Go and check out Etsy and Facebook, and then we can both enjoy :) xx
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