Sunday, 5 August 2012

Jolly July Haul - The Swaps

Hi Goddesses

It's the nature of the beast I guess that the haul posts are always the most popular.  We all love to drool, envy and add stuff to our wishlists, and this month you have not 1 but 2 haul posts to drool over.

Sorry, what's that ?  Er yes... that does mean I've been very very naughty indeed.  But I had to be!  My birthday is coming up and my mean Birthday Group put me on a no buy :(  so I went out with a bang :)

So, in this post, just the swaps, and as we all know .... Swaps Don't Count.  So all these lovely polishes are effectively free and guilt-free and cannot be judged.  Ok ?

First up a magical little bundle from Missy of Gnarly Gnails. Annoyingly, a lot of Etsy shops won't ship to the UK and I really wanted some Enkelinis.   Missy also won my recent British Giveaway, and we agreed I would add some more goodies to her parcel if she found a way to get me the Enkelinis!  She also sneaked in some extras.

Next is Jessica from Beauty Gnome.  We're both a bit random, so this took forever to finally happen lol.   I got my paws on my first RBL, the legendary Scrangie, as well as some lovely indies.  And see those 3 cute little bottles ?  Jess made them and they are super cute - so cute I had to steal 2 of them back from Beth.

Meann from My Online Shop spoilt me.   She asked if she could literally send me EVERY stamping plate on my wishlist if I sent her some British polishes ?   Well, let me think that over for a few days!  I snatched her hand off, and am still reeling at her amazing generosity - MJ plates, Fun plates and large stamping plates and smaller OB plates.  Plate madness!!

This swap was from Kristen.  I wanted to offload my NerdLacquer Regeneration (as I prefer Rainbow Honey Hoof Wrassle) and Kristen had the best selection of indies to swap it for.  Ironically, when I sent her package I forgot to include the Nerd - DUH - so Kristen has ended up with 2 packages!

Hhhhmmmm, oh dear.  Hmmmmm.  That seems to be the end of the swaps.  Which means all these other photos that are left are purchases.  Ooooops.  So to balance the posts out, I'll share on this one some "tools of the trade" I picked up this month.

First of all, some more Konad colours.  I am not a brilliant stamper, so I need all the help I can get, so I'm expanding my Konad rainbow!

I am famously un-neat and imprecise so I bought some super fine nail art brushes in the hope that they help me create better nail art.

And I picked up this lovely blue set of dotting tools for no other reason than they're prettier than my current ones ;p

And these 2 wooden ones - I'm intrigued by the angled heads, and whether this makes them better.

And look at these - I've wanted this sort of thing for AGES!!!   Loads and loads of stickers to help make pretty patterns.  I cannot WAIT to use these!

Phew!  That's a lot of fun coming up for meeeeee :)

See you very soon with the real naughties xx Enjoy :)
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