Sunday, 5 August 2012

July's Jolly Haul Part 2 - The Purchases

Hi Goddesses

Ok, here we go.  It's actually a tad scary.  I blame the Etsyers myself.  If they didn't keep making colours that make me go OOOOOOOH, I wouldn't have half so much a problem!

This isn't even everything I bought.  There's some Hare polishes on the way, the new Zoyas, the new China Glaze Bohemians and the new OPI Germany Collection.

One last thing before we get to the photos - don't judge!  Lol.  I have been naughty, but I repenteth not, because they are ALL super pretty.  Ok, ready ?  Tissues ready ?  Drool bucket in place ?  Here we go ......

First up we have 4 Pahlishes.  Aaaah, I am in love.  Stunning, just stunning, and I have another 2 on the way.  There will be a Pahlish Week soon.

Another Etsy haul - these are spectacular and are from a lady called Glimmer By Erica.  You can blame More Nail Polish for this - she posted Muy Caliente and I was doomed!

Cult Nail's new collection, designed by Coco - mmmmmmm. You can't begrudge me Cults.

3 more Lush Lacquers.   Hmmmm, slight naughtiness here.  I really wanted Summer Lovin but didn't just want to buy 1 polish, so I added a back up bottle of Lite Brite and picked up another polish.  Oops.

4 Nails Inc lovelies - loving how the camera picked up that duochrome goodness!

I've been buying neutral bases recently.  I can't wear them on their own, but I've learnt from other bloggers how good they are as nail art bases, so I bought a few.   Left to right - OPI Did You Ear About Van Gogh, OPI At First Sight, Zoya Farah, OPI Don't Touch My Tutu! and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (which I also bought back-ups of as it's PERFECT).

More Nails Inc.  These boxes were £15 each in TK Maxx for 4 polishes.  Usual price would be £44.  So a bargain, you can't begrudge me a bargain!!!  Also, one of the boxes had Gatwick in it, a matte red which I'd been stalking on ebay, but at a price of £9.  So basically, the other 3 polishes cost me £6.    Well, that's how I'm counting it!

My Jades, lovely lovely Jades.  Seriously, buy them!  And that just made it a Public Service Announcement.  No guilt.

I'm on a blue kick right now.   I don't know how, I really don't, but suddenly bright blues are my thing.  So here they are.  The Sation - blame Let Them Have Polish - and the turquoisey Nails Inc, blame Thea who asked me to buy it for her, and then when I held it, I realised I couldn't let it go, so had to get one too.

Then I picked up these China Glaze blues.

Tracy Trace Face blog sale goodies - c'mon, it's a blog sale, it doesn't count!  It's a favour to a fellow blogger!!!  Lol.

More Feenix lovelies - I really do like this brand.  Suzette has an eye for colour and creates some really interesting polishes.  Also, she doesn't just try to make the ultimate glitterbomb, and I respect her for that.

A few randoms from Ninja Polish including the last Ozotic I didn't have.  Yes, it finished my collection, so in theory that now makes it a COMPULSORY purchase.

Overall, the China Glaze On Safari collection left me a little cold, but it did have some lovelies in it, so I just picked up a couple, as well as a Hunger Games polish that somehow escaped my grasp earlier in the year.  And finally OPI My Pointe Exactly.

I also found an amazing OPI seller on eBay, so I picked up some old classics and some newer classics.   This is Play Til Midnight, Into The Night and Fly.

HooDoo VooDoo, OPI & Apple Pie and Barefoot in Barcelona.

Have You Seen My Limo, Malaga Wine and Lincoln Park At Midnight.

I'm also on an orange kick at the moment.  Blame for 1 of these is placed with Kellie Gonzo, and the other 2 my dear friend Emma.  Stop doing orange posts people!!!

Oh dear. .. we're not finished yet.  Super expensive naughtiness with 2 of the Glitter Gal duochromes - I cannot wait to try these.

And finally, Enchanted Polish .....

I know, I know, I am a baaaad, baaaaaaaad Crumpet, but I will make some lovely blog posts as a result - is that fair ?  I'm also gearing up for a pretty epic blog sale, so stay tuned.

So yeah, I'm off to play with the polishes and suffer through my no-buy - ggrrrrrr.   Enjoy xx :)
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