Monday, 20 August 2012

MSMD - Fish Eggs and Zoya Suri

Hi Goddesses

I finally got me some Fish Eggs !!  Well, quite a LOT of Fish Eggs actually lol.  I wanted to start experimenting a bit more, and used some of the blog sale money to buy a holy crapton of rhinetones, glitters, caviars and all sorts - prepare for Spice Up Your Crumpet !  Lol.

Today's post is also a Swatch & Review for Zoya Suri, one of the new polishes from the Diva Collection which made me go ooooooh.   On the nails ?  Not so much.

Zoya Suri is a royal purple, with electrical shimmer running through it - she's Elisa's sister - and whilst she's beautiful, I just know (being the purple whore that I am) that I have this colour already.  Probably 3 times over.  So for anyone other than a purple-lovin' Crumpet, this one's a winner ...

As with Elisa, it's the shimmer which makes this so special, giving it a cool inner glow.  I think there's also some red micro fire in there too, but my lighting couldn't pick it up.

My Fish Eggs are an eBay special, and came pre-mixed in this sensational red/pink-green-purple combo.   It actually IS as easy as everyone says - thick layer of top coat and dunk - BUT next time, I'm going to leave a non-top-coated gap around the edge of my nail (I had to get jiggy with a dotting tool to smooth my shape).

The colours of the caviar inspired me to crack out Barry M Mint Green and Retro Pink and have a little play with wiggly lines and dots.  Again, it's nothing complex, but I am loving the overall combination.

So eventually I ended up with an MSMD (fish eggs) and a whole MANI inspired by the MSMD colours :)

Simples - hope you enjoyed xx :)

Oh and one final word - when you REMOVE your fishy eggies - have some tissue handy! They fly EVERYWHERE! xx

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