Friday, 17 August 2012

Red Week - Kisses

Hi Goddesses

If you like this post, it's a totally happy accident.  This is not the mani I planned lol.

All along, I'd planned to do a red to white gradient, mainly because you don't see many of them, and then I saw Caitlin do this -

For quite a while, I've wanted to use those blessed french tip stamps you get in the stamping sets, and I picked out a couple of really funky ones (and one of which you can just see beneath the kisses on the thumb!).

And why tell you this?  Well, to give you hope.  Because that stamp (and the one next to it on the plate) would not stamp for love nor money.  No matter what I did, the polish would not transfer on to the stamp.

Close to a hissy fit and having exhausted all other variables (plonker, cleaning the plate, the polish), I switched plates .... and voila, perfect.  Everything super easy peasy clockwork magic like a dream.  WTH ???

Why does this happen?  It's not fair.  Not in a "woe is me" sense, but this is one of the very things that puts people off stamping.  There is no logical reason why my BM325 plate should not have worked, none at all.  It wasn't the stamper, the polish or the state of the plate, and I'm inclined to believe Bundle Monster know how to make a stamping plate.  So for all of you who have, like me, wanted to throw Konad the Barbarian out of the window, or melt his ass over a hot stove, bear with ... bear with ....

So, base polishes are Zoya Rekha and Elisa again, sponged with OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and then stamped using OB28 from MyOnlineShop (here) using Nails Inc Gatwick, a gorgeous matte red (she did very well).

I haven't totally finished with Red Week yet, so stay tuned. Not sure whether I'll get to it today or whether it will tomorrow ... it's a little bit epic ... dammit, just put pressure on myself .... stooooo-pid .... why do I do these things? ..... beats me ...

Enjoy xx :)
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