Monday, 13 August 2012

Red Week - Zoya Rekha & Elisa

Hi Goddesses

It's a Theme Week this week on the blog, and the theme is RED.  I love red - such a happy colour, the colour of life itself.  A few of my best blogger friends are joining me as well, and you can see a link to everyone at the bottom.

Now, I am cheating a little. Today I am playing very boring with what is essentially a swatch post, and we all know that's not my favourite kind of post to do.  So why, Crumpet, why ?  Well, because I did possibly the world's largest ever blog sale this weekend, and It Took Over My Life!!  I had no idea it would be so exhausting - thank God Beth's on hand to do most of the wrapping!  So, instead of having Red Week prepped before we start, I'm in eeeeek mode.  Don't worry, I'll make up for it :)

These 2 gorgeous reds are from Zoya's new collections - Rekha is from the Designer Collection, and Elisa is from the Diva Collection.  To swatch them, I decided to do them on the same hand, partly to showcase the vitality of Elisa, and partly because I haven't seen them swatched that way yet!

For all the photos, Miss Rekha is on the thumb, middle and little fingers, with Mlle Elisa on the index and ring fingers.  Oh and it's also Left Handers Day today apparently, so I painted with my left hand!

Rekha is the more grown up of the pair.  A sleek cherry creme, she glides on smoothly, as you would expect a Zoya to do.  She's pitched somewhere between Sooki and Dakota - pretty much your perfect "average" red (in shade, not quality).  She's nice, but I know I've owned at least 3 Zoya dupes of this shade over the years, so if you already have a good selection of Zoya reds, you don't "need" this one.

Elisa on the other hand, is where the money is at.  She is a stunner.  Faintly metallic, she shivers with electricity and positively glows.  She's a real wonderchild.

Regardless of what you already have in your stash, you'll love this one.  I love how she shakes her little tail feathers at the light - she's a real little show-off - and then captures and holds all that light, til she ripples with it.  Lovely.  Cheeky.

Now, never fear, there is some nail art, stamping and all sorts of other bits and pieces coming up through the rest of Red Week including a comparison of 6 holos, my favourite reds, gradients .... oooh it's lovely and it's RED.

Enjoy xx and don't forget to check out my besties below :)

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