Friday, 17 August 2012

So, Which Red Is The Best Red?

Hi Goddesses

As part of Red Week, I wanted to do a bit of a favourites post and show you some of my essential reds.

I thought about doing a Top 10 of Reds, but in the end I settled on something slightly different - my Top Reds, by Sub-Category.   Oh yeh, we're going high on polish geekery !!

Excuse the slightly dodgy photo above - I'm getting used to my lightbox, and we're still not talking the same language!  One final word, there MAY have to be some cheating somewhere along the to make sure I feature all my favourites - ok ?

Favourite Bright Red

This is quite an easy one, and a choice I think most of you will agree with - Zoya Sooki.  She's pretty, she's bright and she applies really easily.  She's the perfect just-red.

Favourite Ruby Red
Don't Walk Away Renee by Deborah Lippmann.  Pure vamp in a bottle. 

Favourite Red Glitter

Nerd Lacquer - Warrior Ethos - see my post here
Warrior Ethos is just spectacular.  Rich and rubyish and laden with glitter, this is a truly unique creation.

Favourite Indie

Nice Scrunchy, Heather by Dollish Polish - here
This is a genuine love of mine.  I love the delicacy of this polish, and I love it's ever so retro shade of red.  Total love.

Favourite Holo

Hopefully you saw my Red Holo post earlier this week (here).  At that time, I kindly deferred from choosing a favourite, but if I HAAAAD to ..... it would probably be Ozotic 621, mainly due to this photo I captured of it.

Favourite Brit Polish

This would have to be the stunning Perceval by a-England.  Laden with shimmer and electrical crackle, this glows with life.  Beautiful.

Favourite Red for Nail Art

I usually use Right Said Red by Sally Hansen, for no other reason that it's a nice bright red and it's a good price.  Any of my nail art, there's a 95% chance this was the red I used.

Bestest Bestest of All Time ......
OK, here's the money shot - the best red of all time, in my humble opinion is .....

Ruby Red Slippers by Deborah Lippmann - here
Why?  Well for me it just took my breath away when I first saw it, and it redefined what a polish could be and the wow factor it could have.  I truly believe we would not have the indie market we now do if it weren't for this polish.

So there you have it.  There's lots of gorgeous polishes I haven't mentioned, including OPIs, Cult Nails and all sorts of other luscious lovelies.

So which one is your favourite?

Enjoy xx :)

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