Sunday, 26 August 2012

Stamping Sunday - Pulsating Pink n Purple and DRK-B

Hi Goddesses

Apologies that today's post reaches you so late - other things have consumed a lot of my time today, some of them good, some of them negative :(   The GOOD news is that I've started to create Indie Corner and you should now be able to see it in the Page Bar just above this post.  It's very much a work in progress so all feedback is welcome.

With everything that's been going on this month, I haven't done many Stamping Sunday posts, but this week's theme was Pulsating Pink and Purple - how could I resist ?

The base of this mani is the SENSATIONAL pink that is China Glaze Under The Boardwalk from the Neon Collex.   It's less neon than the others, and also doesn't dry matte; it has far more of a jelly composition to it.  Whatever, it looks glorious, even on its own (although it does dry considerably darker than the bottle).

I then stamped with one of my favourite patterns - this lattice from DRK-B.   I used Sally Hansen Purple Bolt for the stamping.

A note for those of you who like to be encouraged - my stamping this past week has been going beautifully, perfectly even.  Why is that?  What am I doing differently?  Absolutely NOTHING!  Lol, stamping - she's a temperamental mistress.

Enjoy xx :)
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