Saturday, 4 August 2012

Summer Challenge Day 46 - Deckchairs

Hi Goddesses

Wow, I am super late today with this post, but I don't care! I've been watching the Olympics and OMG, wow, what a day!  To be fair, it's been Brit-tastic - awe-inspiring, legendary and they've had me in tears more than once.

But back to our scheduled programming - today is Deckchairs, and I had something similar to this in mind all along.  It ended up happening quite accidentally.  I was wearing the amazing Jade Hypnose, and YES, I decided it was the perfect middle colour for my deckchair.

Actually, it was harder than I thought.  I used Barry M Mint Green and Barry M Yellow, and I felt like I was fighting the whole time to get them to make an impact against the holo.  Quite proud I did the stripes freehand though ....

If you haven't yet succumbed to the Jade holos, you really should.  Pound for pound, I personally think they are the best holos out there, and trust me, I own A LOT.  I bought mine from Ninja Polish and you can also get them from Llarowe.

And yes, in response to your unasked question, we actually DID have sun in England the day I did this mani.  True, we haven't seen it again since, but hey ho ..... Oh, and don't be fooled.  I know it looks all nice and sunny at the Olympics, but literally everywhere else in the UK has had gallons of rain today - maybe there's a witch somewhere in South East London casting some spells :)

Back tomorrow for some Olympic-mania nails :) xx Enjoy :)
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