Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Summer Challenge Day 568 - Summer Splatter

Hi Goddesses

.... and yes I know it's not really Day 568, but it feels like it lol!

Today's challenge was one of my favourites - splatter is my all-time favourite nail design.  Every one I have ever done has made me smile - they're so cheerful!!

This was a base of a Ludurana ruby jelly called Faiscante - you may just be able to see the occasional holographic particle twinkling away in it.

It's slightly shocking, but I did this mani on the 15th of May - nearly 3 months ago!!  As such, I'm a litttttttle hazy on the details, but I am fairly certain the yellow is OPI The It Color and the pink is Zoya Dawn.

There was something about this clash of red, yellow and fuchsia that was so ripe and juicy - I LOVED wearing it, loved it!

Enjoy xx :)
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