Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Summer Challenge - Flip Flops with Essie Neons

Hi Goddesses

Finally, finally, the end is in sight !!!  This blessed challenge !!  Can you guess, I'm a starter, not a finisher?  To be fair, I've had other stuff going on as well, so I haven't knuckled down to this last third of the Challenge as well as I should have.  Hangs Crumpety head in shame.

This mani is a wonderful reminder of the weekend I spent with the Essie Neons :)  I'm not usually an Essie Girl, but Kellie Gonzo's photos of them persuaded me I needed them, so I got them.  I have a gazillion photos of them I still need to post as a summer swansong, but I'm going to tell you a secret - ssssshhhh - not only are they great colours individually, they mesh together perfectly too, and MANY happy playtimes were had just doing gradients.  Aaaah, those lazy weekends ......

So here's the first thing I did when I got them - a summery skittle, with a teeny gradient on the thumb.  This is -

* index - Action
* middle - Bazooka
* ring - Lights
* pinkie - Camera
* the thumb is a gradient of all 4 

I was so worried when I first put them on as they go very rubbery and totally matte.  Personally, I much prefer them with their top coat on when they get mega glossy - they all had a layer of top coat here.

The stamping plate is BM-309 and it's so perfect for summer as well as so-easy-it's-practically-cheating for today's Challenge.

I do need to try and gather all the Essie shots together - they made for some truly stunning manis.

Enjoy xx :)
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