Saturday, 25 August 2012

Summer Challenge - Green and Orange

Hi Goddesses

Summer Challenge?  I know, I know, I have been a VERY naughty Crumpet.  I haven't posted many challenge manis at all in the last 3 weeks, partly because this Challenge is NEVERENDING and I'm bored with it and partly because I've been distracted with other things.

I had several ideas for today, most of which involved using my new nail art toys - aka glitter and shit.  There's a lot of pretties, and I have you to thank, because most of them came from the money from the blog sale.  So this is YOUR mani, kind of :)

This is 2 layers of OPI Thanks A Windmillion from the Holland Collection.  I resisted buying this for the longest time, but it is such a pretty green, and one of the shades of green that I can actually wear!  It was a little bit darker and dustier than I realised, and I am totally ok with that.  This is what I would call a sage green, and it's lovely.

So what glitter did I apply then?  Well, these ....... Little irridescent squares (yes, square glitter!) which come in the world's smallest bottles (each is about the length of a good cat claw) but .... oh, don't they look CUTE !!

So, yes, orange and green squares.  There you go.  Byeeeee.  Pardon ??  Sorry, what's that ?  They look the same ?  Yeh, don't they just.   Pretty but ... no, they do not look like I used orange on the thumb, middle and pinkie, and the totally opposite GREEN on the index and ring fingers.  Bummer.

Still, I do quite like it.  It's subtle but a bit blingy at the same time.  And it's such fun playing with glitter - it brings out the 5yr old in me !!

Interestingly, they also seem to phosphoresce in the shade, but I couldn't get a good photo of that.  And no, they didn't look orange then either :(

Enjoy xx :)
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